Future Female President?


So I’m sure you’ve all heard the news regardless if you’re American or not: Hillary Clinton will be campaigning for President in 2016.

I’ve not read up on many reactions and reviews so I’m curious to hear yours? From what we know via the media – because let’s face it, there’s not many of us on here that know her personally – she seems like an alright gal. Her work during the Obama administration has been of such a great benefit in my opinion.

While I don’t feel she would’ve been suitable for the 2008 election and Obama being voted in was the right decision, I feel like now is her time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying my views are 100% or that I would even class myself as a strong political supporter but it’s interesting to see these sort of potential developments.

America has had her first Black President, how about its first Female President? What are your views and reactions? Please leave a comment below.


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