Happy Earth Day 2015


Morning all and Happy World Earth Day! (Although why is it called ‘World Earth’ Day when they are essentially the same thing? Anyway…)

April 22nd marks Earth Day and everyone around the world will make a more conscious effort to do ‘Acts of Green’. Whether this be recycling more of their trash, planting some trees or being a part of petition or movement to exact change, people will do something to begin saving our planet. And why shouldn’t they?

The more we just sit around not doing anything, the quicker our world dies and becomes a planet unable to sustain life. We’ve all seen the movies The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 which shows the consequences of abusing Mother Nature. Personally, I always make sure to recycle and work in a paperless office but I feel like I can do more! It doesn’t necessary have to be physical; like I said, we can sign up to things such as The Climate Petition which is what I’m doing as a start.

Many businesses now are also trying to go green by having paperless offices, switching energy suppliers or using sources of renewable energy themselves! Feel free to drop me a message/email and we can see what changes you can make to help our planet and save money!

However don’t wait for the one day out of the year to make a change. Have a look at this website for some simple ideas you can commit to everyday to save Earth.


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