Not Another Bank Holiday!

We’ve not even finished the month of May and already there is another Bank Holiday Monday upon us!

Don’t get me wrong – it’s nice to have the peace and quiet (unless you work in Retail) but how does one spend their time on such a holiday?

So far this is my first BH off but because I’ve been working like a trooper with no days off for the past umpteen days, I will more than likely be catching up on some shut-eye. That would be nice. Probably won’t happen. Instead I’m going to be extremely boring; catch up on housework, TV shows and paperwork. But I’m also going to mix it up a bit by getting back into my Duolingo lessons.

If you haven’t already heard of Duolingo you are missing something quite spectacular! Duolingo is a free site and available as a free app on your phone where you can learn different languages. I’ve tried many different bits of software and apps but cannot retain the knowledge. Since using Duolingo, I’m retaining information so much more AND having fun. I digress, but please take a look at it here and feel free to add me on there: IchBinJade (guess which language I’m learning!)

What is everyone else doing with theirs? Make a goal and challenge yourself – you will feel better for it. Leave a comment below and enjoy your Monday, whatever you’re doing!


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