Trick or Treat

I may very well one day get the hang of updating this thing…apologies!

It’s hard to believe that October has rolled around already and with it, comes the annoying people that are counting down Christmas (by the way, please let us get through Halloween and Thanksgiving before you start decking the halls!)

Most people I know are starting to plan their Christmas shopping and budgets and whatnot. And while I can’t knock them for good financial planning, some seem to forget that right after that hustle and bustle of festivities, including New Year, the UK Self Assessment deadline is merely weeks later!

Some will have a massive panic and rush to do it in time while others end up missing the deadline and have to pay a hefty fine. I say this to you good people – take advantage of the services out there! Even if it’s not me, although I am very competitive and efficient if I do say so myself 😉 , it’s not worth it to you doing that to yourself.

Drop me an email or message and we can talk through a few things and see what can be done to help you out!

Month End

For most, the end of June can be quite a busy month; monthly reports are being completed and for the larger businesses, the half-year chaos is already setting in. 

If you need a helping hand with paperwork and reports, and you’d like to be enjoying this (rare) summer weather, drop me a PM or email!

I’d also like to mention that HMRC are doing a Q&A via twitter for Tax Credits so if you have any queries, send them a tweet @HMRCgovuk

Aviva Rugby Final

Firstly, apologies for my lack of posting in recent days.

Saturday may be the day that most people catch up with their week’s paperwork and especially with it being month-end, some may be busier than usual. So allow me to make a shameless plug and remind you of the services I offer. Not only do I offer support for any issues and maintenance with your PC – but I can also be that person to do that boring, paperwork for you.

As it is the Aviva Rugby Final (COYS!), you should be enjoying this amazing sporting day and have some time for yourself. If you want to be part of the masses, sitting back, shouting at the TV then please get in touch. Drop me an email ( or visit the Facebook page and send me a quick message:

Finally up and running

So the time has finally come and I’m branching out to the big, (not so) bad, web.

Are you a small business owner? Looking to start your own business but already shivering at the potential paperwork? Or maybe you’re having problems with your computer and are one step away from chucking it out the window.

Either way, get in touch and let’s discuss what I can do for you!