Cub Scout Joe’s Mile Swimming Challenge

As many of you may (or may not) know, when I’m not sat behind a desk doing my full-time job, or doing Bookkeeping work, I volunteer as a Cub Scout Leader. I’ve been doing this for nearly two years and have met and helped developed some amazing young kids.

One such kid is Joe. He is such a kind, selfless and entertaining young man and he wants to raise money for charity. Earlier this year, Joe achieved his 600 metre swimming badge – that’s a little over a third of a mile – and he wants to challenge himself by swimming a mile in January! However he would like people like you and I to support him by donating to two brilliant charities: the 50th Northampton Scout Group and Cancer Research UK.

When asked why these specific charities, Joe said: “I chose Cancer Research because I think it is a horrible disease and I want to help them find a cure. I chose my Cub Scout Group as they would like to purchase parade flags and this will help go towards that.”

Now, bearing in mind that Joe is only 8 years old, I think this is a fantastic request.

So I ask you to please donate what you can by visiting his Crowdfunding page and spread the word to help him smash his target!